Empowering Positive Choices & Developing Healthy Brains

The best time to educate young people about high-risk behaviors is before they are faced with the choice to engage in activities, like alcohol and drug use. JFJC’s signature program, BrainAbouts®, uses neuroscience to empower students, caregivers, and school faculty to learn about and openly address these difficult topics as a team.

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Our Purpose

The John Fontaine, Jr. Charity is on a mission to make America’s students safer through education, support, and open minds. JFJC programs teach children, adolescents, and the adults in their lives how to make positive decisions and prevent the consequences of engaging in high-risk behaviors. Our work goes beyond building awareness to provide the real-life tools necessary for comprehensive prevention, early intervention, and compassionate recovery programming.

Helping Students Make Healthy Decisions

One family’s tragedy transformed into national change for thousands of young people.
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The Sobering Facts

The first step in prevention is knowing the facts about alcohol abuse, drug use, and other high-risk behaviors.
The Big Picture

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