The answer started at the Center, and is moving forward with the John Fontaine, Jr. Charity

In 2006, in memory of their late son, Jack and Nancy Fontaine took the first step in promoting good decision-making around alcohol use by underwriting an education and awareness center at The University of Georgia. The John Fontaine, Jr. Center for Alcohol Awareness and Education, explores a wide range of the most effective prevention, early intervention and recovery support services in use around the country today.

The exciting news is that the Fontaine Model that has been developed yields consistent results in different audiences and areas, and that, through customization, success can be achieved in almost any environment.

The Fontaine Model is making a decisive difference.

While the Center relies on evidence-based practices, there are key differences that make it unique:

The Fontaine Model is based on


young people to make better decisions, wherever they are.

Helping individuals


alcohol abuse gets out of control.

It uses an


comprehensive approach that gives students skills that build confidence and really work.

The Fontaine Model is a program that changes behaviors and has positive outcomes that can be


The Fontaine Model


individuals on how to identify warning signs for others affected by alcohol abuse, before they make a decision that could negatively impact them.

Proof positive that the Fontaine Model works.

Since The Fontaine Center opened in 2006, thousands of students have been given tools to make healthier decisions around alcohol, help in overcoming alcohol and other addictions, and a message that they are spreading to a wider audience as they leave the Center.

An astonishing 95% of participants who abused alcohol or other drugs before completing the Fontaine program remain sober.

In addition, the program has been customized by request for two at-risk high schools in Georgia, with solid success. Now, we’re ready to share these successes with a wider audience.

Moving forward to find new answers – The John Fontaine, Jr. Charity

The evidence-based achievements around alcohol and drug prevention, early intervention and recovery are on-going at the University of Georgia and the Fontaine Center is at the forefront.

We are pleased to support and expand these vital efforts through the John Fontaine, Jr. Charity, and we encourage you to check back frequently for news, resources and results.

“The outreach we do has a particular significance to my own family, having lost my cousin in an alcohol-related crash. I am so glad to have the opportunity to educate UGA students on risk reduction through the wonderful platform that your support has created.”
Fontaine Peer Educator

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