One family’s history, thousands of lives changed.

When you think back to your teenage years, do you cringe at the scary risks you took? Would you be horrified if the children in your life made some of the same choices you did?

For the Fontaines and many other families, the choices made in adolescence and early adulthood have long-lasting, potentially tragic consequences. That’s why it’s up to us—as parents, teachers, and supporters—to act early and consistently to help young people learn to make healthy choices throughout their lives.

The Fontaine family has worked tirelessly to help parents and their children identify, understand, and resist life-threatening social pressures. And through a deeply personal crisis emerged a caring, compassionate, and committed community. We look back, so we can see the way forward.


Jack Fontaine begins experimenting with cigarettes and beer at 12 years old.


Jack fails out of the University of Georgia due to alcohol and drug abuse at 21 years old.


John Fontaine Jr. is born in Houston, Texas, to Jack and Nancy Fontaine.


Harris Fontaine is born.


Jack Fontaine enters treatment for alcohol addiction and gains sobriety.


Elizabeth Fontaine is born.


John would have graduated high school.


A gift from Nancy and Jack leads to the opening of the John Fontaine Jr. Center for Alcohol Awareness and Education at the University of Georgia (UGA).


The Fontaine Family establishes the John Fontaine Jr. Charity (JFJC), working closely with UGA to expand their prevention and awareness model into local Georgia high schools.


The Fontaine Center hosts its first Alcohol and Other Drugs Summit for state universities.


The SEC asks The Fontaine Center to advise on introducing alcohol into SEC stadiums.


JFJC launches BrainAbouts in Houston-area elementary, middle, and high schools.